Back To School

This time of year is always bitter sweet for me. I love college, like they had to force me to graduate kind of love. I am so excited for those around me starting school and a piece of me is sad that I am not joining them. Another piece of me is so thankful to not be writing papers at 3 am. Perspective.

Every year I make the same post on social media, the words are a little different, but the message is the same.  It is worth making a blog post here as well. Here is this years post: 

It's time for my annual college safety post. 

New students, I am so excited for you. The next few years of your life will be incredible. PLEASE keep these things in mind in your moments of excitement.

1) Do not post your student ID showing your student number on social media. Your thumb can easily cover this number and you can still share that you are officially a part of your university. 

2) Do not check in with your daily routine on social media. I love that you love your campus and I know that checking in on social media is cool and often gets you discounts, but you are teaching others where you will be and when. 

3) Do not post your freshman 15 run map. Again, you are teaching others where you will be. Also, do not run alone. There is a rec center if you can't find a running partner.

4) Do not walk to and from campus buildings or your car alone at night. Find a friend who is in your class to walk with you. If you cannot find someone call campus police.

I know that you may feel that you are bothering campus police by asking for an escort, you are not. Your safety is their priority. IF they make you feel this way, please tell their supervisor. 

5) If you choose to party, do not party alone. It is best to have a "party mom" who stay sober and watches over you. NEVER leave someone behind at a party. Ever. Be a good friend. 

I hate that these precautions need to be taken but the reality is that you must protect yourself. Your college of choice is doing everything they can to keep you safe, you should feel at home and enjoy every second of your college career. But you should also take steps to protect yourself always.

Elishia Seals