On Thursday I floated for the first time. I think I have finally gathered my thoughts and can tell you about it.

If you have never heard of floating it is a tank filled with 14 inches of water containing approximately 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt. The temperature of the water and air in the tank is maintained at 94 degrees, the same as your body’s skin temperature. With the combination of the weightlessness of your floating body and the water temperature, your brain feels as thought you are floating in space. An added benefit is the Epsom salts help to pull toxins from your body as your meditation progresses. (B's Massage and Yoga, FAQ)  So, if a hot tub and meditation had a baby who loved salt.



First of all, I was afraid of floating. I am not comfortable in water, I rarely get my face wet, and I have zero trust with anything water related. However my curiosity, desire to overcome my fears, and a friendly push from my friend Tony got me here. I have had some alignment issues over the past few weeks, a visit to both a D.O. and my chiropractor in the same day left me with the need for some serious muscle relief.

The staff was super helpful, I checked in for my appointment and she explained the whole process to me. She was informative and patient and kindly reminded me to use the restroom prior to floating.

The rain shower rocked my world. I usually hate rain showers because of the whole water everywhere thing, but the pressure was awesome and the water heated up super fast. You shower before and after your float, removing oils from you body or gunk in your hair and then gets the salt off before you go home.

Float 2.jpg

If you scrolled past all the content and just want my end review, here it is. You should float, absolutely, do it. For those of you with fears of the mediation aspect, you can 100% experience psychical results without including your mind. For those of you with fears like mine of dying, you won't. ;) I kid, but really as as person who is very uncomfortable with the idea of water in general, it was totally worth it.

Float 1.jpg

About half way through, or what I think was half way because there is zero concept of time in that thing...like none, I turned out the lights. This was when I did a cute little panic thing, I had to really take control of my breathing and it helped me to touch the edge, a reminder I was actually in a tank. It really is pitch black in there and once you embrace this, it is incredible. I am sad to say I didn't stay in that place very long, again with zero concept of time I think I probably spent 15 minutes with the lights off and then enjoyed the remainder of my session in the purple and blue glow.

To end my session, the nice lady said something but I could not tell you what. I assumed it was something like "Hey you did it, you are a badass, good job not drowning, now time to get in the awesome rainshower again."

While floating I wasn't sure if it was going to really help my muscles because I fought the process for a good amount of time, however the second I stepped out of the tank I saw results. A lot of my swelling had gone down and I had no pain. Y'all, I couldn't do ANYTHING without pain prior to floating. This alone made the experience worth it.

I did get bored towards the end of my float, this is only because I did not embrace the meditation portion of this process for the entirety of my float. My goal was to challenge myself and not die. So, for the last half of my float (after turning the lights back on and returning from the terrifying and incredible darkness) I sent myself from the bottom of the tank to the top, a game to keep my mind occupied because I promised myself that I would finish the full amount of the time allotted for my float.

Check out B's Massage and Yoga- Float, Yoga it up, Be massaged. It is a wonderful place with peaceful people. It is also important to note this was an unsolicited opinion/review. I just found it worth sharing with you.

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