New Year, New...

Look, I get it. I have rolled my eyes at every "New Year, New..." ad too. I write them and I still think "Gahhh, really???"⠀

However, A new year is like the ultimate Monday. It is an opportunity to start new. And really, who am I to turn down an opportunity to send gratitude, set goals, and renew strength?


I am challenging myself as much as I am you to check your energy. Ignore the noise, reject the toxic, and accept opportunity.⠀

I have set goals for 2019, some of them are WAY huge and some of them are as simple as getting up earlier. Okay, yeah that one isn't simple, but you get the idea. I want to develop these goals and before the new year I will share them here with you. Do the same. I can't wait to hear what kick ass things you will achieve. 

Elishia Seals