Tomorrow I start a new job. One that I have honestly been searching for for a long time.

Not actively searching… just knowing full well that my passion was education but truly unsure of how I would fit into the puzzle. I have coached for many years, always a volunteer or mentored with youth. I myself have a self proclaimed romantic relationship with education, however I didn’t get a teaching degree and I am not entirely certain I would thrive in a classroom. So where does that leave me?

A few weeks ago a dream position was posted by a friend, something I knew existed but hadn’t even considered with our location and openings around me. I officially begin as the Public Information Director at USD 250 Pittsburg Community School tomorrow. I am thrilled.

With this comes a huge change for me. I have worked with the same company for 7.5 years, a company I know the ins and outs of and know my exact boundaries and limits. I was comfortable and enjoying my job but when I saw this opportunity I knew I had to take it. You know that gut feeling? The one you should listen to.

Change reveals vulnerabilities. Even if you are more than capable of handling what is next. It adds a new variable to life. It gives you a chance to start new and it also leaves you absolutely open to failure. It’s unfamiliar but also completely within your wheelhouse. You are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Tomorrow I have to turn right off my street instead of left. I am fully aware of these new variables but I do not fear them. Tomorrow starts something new for me, a new energy, and a new path. When given the same opportunity to jump, I hope you take it.

Elishia Seals