Elishia Seals
Elishia Seals
a jane of all trades working in South East Kansas


a projected dedicated to finding light



RISE was born out of my own need to survive. Healing from an abusive relationship I looked anywhere and everywhere for light. Often grasping for every single $25 class or self help book hoping one might give me even a single piece of information. RISE is a collection of resources for you to look towards the light, to heal, to laugh and to take a breath. My hope is that in this space you will find what you need. That whatever you are facing today, you will rise.




HEADSPACE - You can try Headspace for yourself and learn the essentials of meditation and mindfulness with our free Basics pack. If you enjoy it, then it’s time to subscribe. Once you do, you’ll have bite-sized minis for when you’re short on time, singles to add some extra mindfulness to your day, and hundreds of meditations for everything from stress to sleep.

DANIELLE LAPORTE - An author, poet, spiritual leader, and all around badass. Danielle Laporte offers meditations and so much more for your journey.


MARIE FORLEO - Marie is known for her incredible B School, but so much of what she does is empowerment. Her resources are incredible for helping you move forward with your life and goals.

DANIELLE LAPORTE - Danielle offers courses and books that take you through the process in a kick ass and take names kind of way. She offers affordable and often free resources for you. Her approach is genuine and empowering.


I literally cannot say enough about the healing yoga has provided my body and soul. If you have a local studio you can support and practice in, please do so. If you are looking for ways to practice in your home or just on your own, I highly recommend the following people to lead you.

YOGA WITH ADRIENE - Adriene Mishler is an actress, writer, international yoga teacher and entrepreneur from Austin, Texas. On a mission to get the tools of yoga into schools and homes, Adriene hosts the YouTube channel Yoga With Adriene, an online community of over 4 million subscribers. Yoga With Adriene provides high quality practices on yoga and mindfulness at no cost to inspire people of all ages, shapes and sizes across the globe.

DOWN DOG - This is by far my favorite Yoga app! With over 30,000 different configurations, Down Dog gives you the power to build a yoga practice you love! Choose your favorite voice, your level, tell us how much time you have, then get started or choose across 6 more settings to individualize your practice even further.

If you are local to South East Kansas I can highly recommend B’s Massage and Yoga to you. It is a beautiful studio in Parsons, KS with knowledgable and genuine instructors. They also have a float tank and incredible talented massage therapist on staff. This place has been key in my own healing and I hope you find the same within it’s walls.


Joy is crucial in healing. Allowing yourself to smile and laugh in the hardest of times take courage and often you need a little nudge along the way. Here are a few of my favorite sources of laughter from wonderful people.


I will never stop recommending that you take the time to step away from this screen and dig into a good book. Not every book is meant to be for spiritual growth, the following are books I recommend to you while you are on this journey. For books I recommend for pure enjoyment please see this blog post that contains a running list of wonderful books written by talented authors.


From Ted to Podcasts, listening to another human share their story is a powerful tool. Take a listen and open your mind.